Ed Feldman was co-creator, writer and host of the 1990's TV programs Furniture On The Mend, Furniture To Go, and Men In Tool Belts. He has taught The History of Furniture and The Decorative Arts at Colleges and Art Schools, giving passing grades to everyone. He now hosts Morning Feed, a semi-litigious Internet radio program, on GtownRadio.com


Legendary record producer Sir George Martin called his work with the Beatles "pictures in sound."

I still find something new every time I listen to a Beatles recording.

It's that kind of attention to detail that we strive for here on Avenue G. We're not there yet

because our operating budget is like... zero, and rehearsal time is hard to find, but it IS our goal.

We're also big fans of Broadway musicals, and we try to make each one of our

episodes tell a story in dialogue and song - pictures in sound.

We're good friends having a great time. I hope that comes across, and I hope you

enjoy our shows. Please email us anytime with your thoughts or comments. Thanks!

- Jim

Mac Jaekel is an author, songwriter, musician, and the voice of numerous characters on Avenue G. Mac and Jim played together in the 1990’s as “King Platypus,” and recorded an album called “Transcendental Vaudeville,” which, for some reason, is available in every country EXCEPT the United States. Mac is also a writer and performer for Mount Airy Home Companion, and is currently in the witness protection program.

Jim Harris is host and housekeeper for Avenue G. His duties include keeping track of all the wacko ideas that the other writers  send him every day.
Jim has also been an award winning
humor columnist for the Chestnut Hill Local newspaper and “Big Shot,” the mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers. He began writing humor in the 1980’s on his website, JimbobsJournal.com, which is still online because he doesn’t know how to remove it.

Andy Pettit is Avenue G’s announcer, comic foil, and “Man of 999 Voices (see a video).” He has also been a regular perfomer in Mount Airy Home Companion. Andy writes and produces plays and  hosts a live radio drama show, “Skywave,” on GtownRadio.com.

Martha Michael writes and performs for Avenue G in addition to playing, singing, and writing for the Saint Mad band.
Martha plays trumpet for various orchestras in the Philadelphia area, and has also been a valuable contributing member of Mount Airy Home Companion since its inception. 

We presently produce comedy podcasts and original music at irregular intervals.

Our original songs can be streamed from our MUSIC page.

Podcasts and song parodies can be streamed or downloaded from this site,Podomatic or YouTube

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In 2001, Martha Michael, Jim Harris, and Molly Mahoney founded the  band Saint Mad. 

The combination of veteran, professional musicians, humorous parodies and wacky skits earned Saint Mad a loyal following and also led to the production of a series of stage shows entitled “Mount Airy Home Companion” (inspired by Garrison Keillor’s legendary show). 

When a spot on a local internet station became available in 2014, Jim and Martha made the leap and began "Avenue G," (now a podcast) which carries on Saint Mad’s tradition of comedy & music.
FYI, the “G” stands for Germantown, the historic Philadelphia neighborhood and avenue

where the show is produced.

Avenue G